Rent houses cheaply

Nature of the Leningrad region of its beautiful untouched. Although the Leningrad region is, in fact, in the heart of Russia (meaning, of course, not the geographical center, and the fact that it is in the most habitable part of it), it remains virtually untouched prioda. Just look what it looks like Leningrad region on the map, a larger patch of green forest with a few threads of roads, off in all directions from St. – Petersburg, to understand that most of the Leningrad region is rather sparsely populated place feature of the Leningrad region is that on its territory coexist two types of landscape – the north-western part of a rocky and hard, it pleases the beauty of northern nature, and the south-east is more similar to the central regions of Russia. Naturally, these two conditions – the beauty and diversity of landscapes and the preservation of their results to the fact that inexpensive rentals of cottages spread in recent years quite extensively. And cheap – it is really cheap at the market rental deals can be found, where cheap rental cottages – cottage rentals are priced at less than a thousand rubles a day per person. Of course, this price may seem low, however it is quite normal – rental houses cheaply in great demand, due to what owners of cottages do not profit from high prices of houses, and from a high level of demand. Indeed, more and more people prefer summer holidays in cottages rented. Of course, not only the summer vacation, for rent cottages inexpensive – a great solution for those who want to spend the weekend outside the city at any time of year, and fall trips to the hunting or fishing, and the opportunity to make a holiday out of town for a birthday or wedding. Naturally, the houses themselves are quite different, you can find a luxury cottage, and it is the budget. Since, as already stated, this market is very dynamic development, there is competition in price and quality of services offered